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Rebel- An Initiative to Catapult New Innovations

We’ve long envisioned a project that is fully decentralized and community centric and designed by professionals from technological space, one that aims for a long-term vision of sustainability, growth, and transparency. Rebel wants to take lead in shifting the paradigm in society and setting up a new benchmark in the disruptive tech of Cryptocurrency. With the purpose of incubating and partnering with new innovations in the world of Crypto, we’ve great plans for our Society – from a paradigm shift movement to participation of ambassadors to providing an environment that creates a unique experience for every member.

Our Society will soon have exclusive access to a plethora of platforms in which members can share their experiences, collaborate, and co-create value in the Rebel ecosystem whilst earning incentives. With time, Rebels from all over the world will come together to take this ecosystem to new heights. The Rebel ecosystem will expand to form a whole new society that is growth-driven and breaks the chains of an unjust society. Through the Treasury of Rebels, the DAO infrastructure empowers members to decide where and what projects to start for a just and balanced society.

Join hands with us Rebels!

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