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Rebel has a mission to grow the worldwide Rebel Society. With this goal, the Ambassador Program was established to increase awareness about Rebel. It was believed to play a part in encouraging more and more people from the Society to start the adoption of Rebel.

The Rebel

Ambassador Program

The Rebel Society is lucky to have dedicated individuals.These active members are Rebel Ambassadors, who increase adoption with good, regular and valuable help to the project. These ambassadors come from different countries worldwide, are in different age ranges, and practice other occupations. The number of people qualifying is growing for every review cycle.

Ambassador Status

Ambassadors are helpful to the worldwide Rebel Society. They help in increasing awareness about Rebel, describing the project to the international audience and raising awareness about particular features of Rebel.
After getting the status of an Ambassador, the individual becomes a primary benefactor of the project and gets straight access to the team leader.

Below are a few perks of the Ambassador status:

  • Ambassador is rewarded by the members of the Rebel Society
  • Special invites to software previews, events, and calls with our talented teams before the public releases
  • Much more participation in decision-making practices by offering direct feedback to pertinent Project officers
  • Unique Ambassador profile badge on the Rebel Forum

The Ambassadors' Duties

Appealing content is essential for encouraging the adoption of Rebel owing to the technical side of the project.

A Content Creator always looks for ways to entrain their audience and wants to look for ways to raise awareness in public with their content. The information can be spread through various means, like Rebel Forum posts, guides, infographics tutorials, articles, podcasts, designs, technical writing, or videos.

Who is the audience?

A Content Creator is an expert and knows what is the best. We want our Content Creators to answer the readers’ questions and leave the rest.

Profile of applicants:

No particular qualification is required for becoming a Content Creator.

Eligibility requirements:
  •  You need to provide no less than three published pieces of content.
  • You need to submit these published pieces through the Ambassador Nomination form to be reviewed and be provided appropriate feedback.
The content is accessed on the following basis:
  • The content can be text, graphical, blogs, videos, and audio, as well as tools (websites, apps, etc.);
  • Content enlightens our community about technical or social features of the project;
  • Content is advanced, appealing; high-quality video and audio, good editing; graphic designs display aptitude in work;
  • Text is perfect and with good grammar;
  • Content signifies the values of the Rebel brand;
  • Video outshines in excellence and delivery.

*Please note: If content is related to Price and Trading, it won’t be eligible for rewards.*

One of the Rebel Society goals is to bring change by bringing people together.

Bring together like-minded people to encourage adoption. Anybody who has attended meetups or events in the past is invited. Starting a new meetup group can be challenging, but you can start by hosting a casual meet-and-greet. You can have 2–3 people to help you with everything. However, that is unnecessary, and you can run a fantastic show on your own. The whole event will require you to show your leadership skills and will help you grow. Our toolkits, recommendations, swag and rewards will help you in every way.

To maintain the Ambassador status, it is vital to be hosting at least one meetup every three months. You can apply for rewards from their third meetup. Before starting, please check Rebel Forum to find out if there is already a group in your area. If there is, you can get together with them.


No particular qualification is required for this profile, and anyone who is interested in hosting meetup is welcome.


You must have hosted at least two Rebel meetups subject to the Guidelines with at least ten attendees each in the three months; 

You should provide URL links of your meetup group showing proof of earlier hosted events.

The Rebel Society is looking for people working in different professional fields, well-versed in various languages and experiences, which help develop the community. Our Moderators are known to love having close interactions with other community members and forming a bond with them. All our official channels, some of which are language- or area-specific, deliver information differently. 

Moderators all over the world work in different time zones. As a Moderator, you will have to keep a complete check on official community channels on Rebel Forum, Weibo, Reddit, Facebook, Telegram and language-specific mediums.
You should welcome newcomers, make sure the Code of Conduct is followed, keep the channels open and positive, and provide intuitive information and answer questions.


A renowned society member who is keenly engaged in our social media channels and is a contributor to a helpful and welcoming atmosphere;
Deep knowledge of social media platforms and participation in daily activities;
Our present moderators for a specific channel believe that the candidate is suitable.


The Rebel Society Management Team will check platform metrics, like your Reddit karma score or Rebel Forum trust level, to ensure that you are suitable for the role.

You have an opportunity to make an impact. Our Translators translate information and reach new places with our non-English materials. They are native, and to grow awareness and drive adoption about the Rebel community, they share announcements, newsletters, guides and documentation in other languages.

We are looking for people who are native in their languages and are fluent in English. People who contribute regularly and look for translated content can apply for the applicable Ambassador status.


No prior background is required in the translation field. Any individual knowing native language can translate the content.


You have in the past translated any nature of written content associated with Rebel, comprising subtitles for summaries, announcements project videos, articles, blogs, or anything similar for the community;
You posted and shared that content on some platform;
You translated and published at least 3,000 words in total.

Ambassador Levels

  • Level 1 Ambassador – can be rewarded for contributions in one role;
  • Level 2 Ambassador – can be rewarded for contributions in two roles;
  • Level 3 Ambassador – can be rewarded for contribution in three roles.


The Ambassador levels do not come with any added social status or perks. It is for the motivation of the Ambassadors.

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Our movement is defined by a distinct culture based on the belief that we can each create opportunities and coexist to protect our freedoms and privacy. The Rebel Society mixes and balances our expertize to further our common goals. 

We think that progress is made by bringing individuals from all walks of life together who have the desire and power to effect positive change.


You can help contribute to The Rebel Society by taking a more active role


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Brand Guidelines

REBEL encourages members to participate in shaping the future of our Society

REBEL exists to ensure that we can bring CHANGE to society by empowering individuals to set their own growth priorities. To be successful, however, it requires active and inclusive engagement from a diverse range of society members. The awakening is currently not as high as we, or those concerned with healthy debate and discussion within the ….