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Rebel’s governance serves as a voting mechanism for allocating treasury coins to support economic empowerment projects proposed by members of the Rebel society.


Rebel was created with a mission to create and encourage open market and in doing so it welcomes and incentivizes all Rebel Society Members to participate as stakeholders to drive the platform’s growth. All projects are approved following careful consideration and voting on the basis that they ensure a decentralized environment that can be sustained eternally.

Transparency At Work

The Rebel Blockchain sets aside superblocks as treasury funds to support the development and growth of the Rebel Society. Members of the Rebel Society should keep the Rebel Society updated on progress and resource allocations during execution of the projects.

Key Activities in Governance

How does it work

Rebel Treasury Process Breakdown

The key aspect of Rebel's governance is deciding which proposals are funded which happens on-chain


Treasury funds are produced in a fixed amount of blocks called superblocks that occur every 21,600 blocks and have a lifetime of 30 days as budget cycle.


During the budget cycle, anybody can submit a proposal. The cost of submitting a proposal is 10 RBL. A proposal may ask for funding for a single or multiple milestones.


Voting will determine which proposals will be funded in the current budget cycle. Each voter has the option of voting “yes,” or “no” on a given proposition.


Voters are RBL Masternode Holders who has a special locked deposit, a deposit that can be withdrawn by the owner by the issuance of another transaction, and that stake becomes available after the budget cycle if the vote has already been casted. Thus, a list of voters in each budget cycle is also always fixed, similarly to the list of proposals.

Logic Summary


Throughout the budget cycle, votes are kept confidential.


To be funded, a proposal must pass at least 5% of all votes: (YES votes – NO votes) > (Total Number of Masternodes / 5), however because each superblock has a finite quantity of RBL, the ranking of proposals (by net Yes – No votes) is more significant.


The project proposals are funded at the end of the budget cycle.


When a superblock occurs, proposals that meet the requirements are paid out in order of their score; when the available RBL has all been allocated, remaining proposals will not be funded.


If there is a surplus of RBL in a superblock (proposals that fulfill the voting requirements collectively requested less than the available quantity), the remaining RBL will not be generated.


There is an incentive to make voting deposits and to take part in the voting process.

Frequently asked



What exactly is a DAO, and how does it work?

DAO is an acronym that stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It is an organisation whose rules are defined in a code. Rebel DAO is managed by the Rebel community using a voting process in which one Masternode equals one vote. The community may vote on the proposals they wish to support in order to receive the service offered in a proposal.

What can I vote on in the Governance?

As a masternode holder, any proposal that is submitted may be voted on. The proposals include a wide range of topics, including marketing, commerce, development, community management, and governance initiatives. 

How do I vote?

You cast your vote with your wallet. You can discuss and read about the proposals that are up for voting in the Forum. Actual voting will take place in the wallet.


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Our movement is defined by a distinct culture based on the belief that we can each create opportunities and coexist to protect our freedoms and privacy. The Rebel Society mixes and balances our expertize to further our common goals. 

We think that progress is made by bringing individuals from all walks of life together who have the desire and power to effect positive change.


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REBEL encourages members to participate in shaping the future of our Society

REBEL exists to ensure that we can bring CHANGE to society by empowering individuals to set their own growth priorities. To be successful, however, it requires active and inclusive engagement from a diverse range of society members. The awakening is currently not as high as we, or those concerned with healthy debate and discussion within the ….