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Advanced Proof of Stake

Receive rewards for securing the REBEL network just by holding coins in your wallet.

Secure the Network and

Receive Rewards

In order to participate in the validation of blocks and transmission of blocks, a node must be running on the network, and your wallet must be continually evaluating your RBL transactions in order to determine if you will be awarded the opportunity to generate the next block.


Secure Network

RBL protocol use proof of stake (PoS) validation to secure the network and validate the transactions included in each block. 



Hardware requirements are low and everybody who holds RBL can participate as long as there is a stable internet connection.


Energy Efficient

Proof of Stake does not need highly complex sums to be solved, meaning that the electricity costs to verify transactions are substantially lower.

Earn Rewards

Proof of stake participants operate a node on the network to validate transactions and create blocks, and, in return for executing this work, earn rewards.

Time to Stake

Cold Staking

Delegate RBL to our nodes and earn rewards. Keep your coins in your wallet and maintain full control.

Second Layer Protection


As an added layer of security, masternodes provide additional nodes to validate blocks and transactions. Community participation is key to RBL. Set up an RBL masternode and help secure the network

Frequently asked



What is a Proof of Stake?

Proof of Stake is a new consensus technique that is used to generate a new group of trustless transactions (the so-called block) on the blockchain, a distributed ledger. In the new era of digital currencies, something needs to support the generation of the coins, and Proof of Stake is that something. In comparison to Proof of Work currencies like Bitcoin or Monero, it is the most environmentally friendly means of obtaining (staking) crypto while proof of work consumes more energy than a small country. RBL consumes a fraction of the energy that Bitcoin and Monero do, thus allowing more energy for better uses.

What are the advantages of PoS over PoW?

RBL is considerably easier and less expensive to participate in the network and get rewards than PoW cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Monero. You may stake with as little as 1 RBL, and RBL’s Cold Staking allows you to keep your energy and hardware expenditures to a minimum.

What is Staking?

To assist the network achieve consensus of proof of stake, you must prove the legitimacy of every transaction on the network. Staking is the practise of locking your coins for a specified time period in order to do this validation. Stakers who mint the next block are paid with a block reward in exchange.

How does Staking work?

When a user has at least one RBL in their fully synchronized RBL core wallet, that node is allowed to join in the network with the equivalent amount of stake. RBL  has a sophisticated Proof of Stake mechanism that successfully protects the network from malicious attackers. This allows RBL owners to earn block rewards just by assisting in the network’s security. Anyone who possesses RBL has the ability to stake and earn rewards.

With Proof of Stake, how can I get RBLs as a reward?

It’s straightforward. RBLs may be purchased on the exchange, transferred to your wallet, held, and then unlocked for staking. The more coins you have in your wallet, the better your chances of receiving a reward.

Need more help?

You can learn more in the REBEL Documentation or post your questions in the REBEL Telegram Group.

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