Development Roadmap

Roadmap Rebel Official


  • Coin Development
  • White Paper
  • Position Paper
  • Strategic Global Partnership
Roadmap Rebel Official


  • Desktop Wallets
  • Voting/Governance System
  • Cold Wallet
  • Coin Listing
Roadmap Rebel Official


  • Dapp Development
  • Payment Platforms Integration
  • Fast Node sync
  • Payment Confirmation
Roadmap Rebel Official


  • Mobile Wallets
  • Apps submission portal
  • Ambassador reward system
  • Hall of Fame
Roadmap Rebel Official

Further Privacy

  • Dapp Functionality Voting
  • Cryptonote Development
  • Integrate Shielded Staking
  • Disable Transparent Staking
Roadmap Rebel Official


  • Privacy Mobile Phone Development
  • Blockchain Statellite Integration
  • Offline Functionality Integration
  • Private Server Migration
  • Build On Network

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Roadmap Rebel Official