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Staying informed with simple, yet essential, practices of security, may help you avoid becoming a victim of a scammer.


Scammers and fraudsters have made their way into the blockchain and crypto space, as is becoming increasingly typical in the digital age.

Below is a list of some of the scams and how to prevent being a victim:

Files and messages 

DO NOT download files from unknown sources.
DO NOT download PDFs or other files from someone directly in a Direct Message, even if their name suggest that he or she is a team member. Make sure you know who you’re interacting with by verifying, validating, and confirming it in public.
DO NOT accept support in Direct Message from someone who contacts you first to offer assistance. Always seek help in forums, or, if required, contact the Rebel via email.
DO NOT TRUST “wallet update” direct messages.
NEVER send, disclose or share your privkey with any 3rd party.


ONLY download wallets from the official REBEL GitHub repository.
ALWAYS double-check that the wallet is legitimate and official.
DO NOT trust “announcements” about new wallet version sent by bots that aren’t part of the public official channels of REBEL.


DO NOT risk if you are unsure or have doubts regarding any issue or problem relating to REBEL. 

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Avoiding Scams Rebel Official
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