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Rebel – ICO Announcement

Rebel is an ecosystem determined to bring a paradigm shift in people’s lives with the power of various decentralized platforms and ecosystems. You can be a part of this revolutionary platform as the RBL sale is starting on August 23, 2022. Join the sale of the RBL and start your...

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Rebel- An Initiative to Catapult New Innovations

We’ve long envisioned a project that is fully decentralized and community centric and designed by professionals from technological space, one that aims for a long-term vision of sustainability, growth, and transparency. Rebel wants to take lead in shifting the paradigm in society and setting up a new benchmark in the...

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In the Rebel Ecosystem, there is a free market

The advent of Bitcoin over a decade ago ignited a digital revolution, and only last year, the number of active cryptocurrencies surged from approximately 1,600 to over 3,000 globally. Rebel coin will be more than just a digital currency. It aims to provide solutions to its members’ multifaceted needs. Rebel...

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