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Creating A Sustainable Future For the Next Generation

A society that operates on a co-creation and shared economy system.

You don't have to see

the whole staircase. Just take the first step

Martin Luther King Jr.

We have power and influence but we need lots of people to choose to use it. We must grab this opportunity to help shape our world that puts our needs first. To do this we need to:

  • become ambassadors of change, not just waiting for change
  • change the way we work to create and promote a sustainable future
  • re-evaluating status quo and what we measure as ‘success’

Together We Absolutely Can

0 Individuals

Own more wealth than the poorest half of the world’s population

$ 0 Billion

The increase in wealth of the richest 62 individuals since 2010

$ 0 Trillion

The fall in wealth of the poorest 3.6 billion people since 2010

0 million

People currently living in poverty

0 million

People will be pushed into extreme poverty this year

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The global poverty rate by 2030

The Need For Change

By now, you should be aware that the system is not working. However, the majority of the world still follows the same set of rules that have been handed down through generations for hundreds of years.

State capitalism and shareholder capitalism are the two primary economic systems currently in operation. Both have claimed to have contributed significantly to economic advancement during the last few decades. Yet they have exacerbated wealth disparities, income inequality, and opportunity gaps, as well as growing tensions between the wealthy and the impoverished. As a result of these, this has intensified social difficulties and we now live in a more dangerous world than ever before.

The philosophy of stakeholder capitalism has gained traction in recent years as people try to resolve the shortcomings of both shareholder and state capitalisms. However, stakeholder capitalism can creates opportunities for large corporations and political actors to assert disproportionate control over the economy’s resources including private individuals.

Fortunately, a new generation of free thinkers, world-conscious individuals has begun to question the status quo and the way our society works. They realize that the conventional norms simply don’t work in our intellectual, creative and technological society any more and things need to change.

Who Are Rebel

REBEL brings together members from different parts of the world and the world's most influential business, cultural, educational, medical, legal and other leaders to shape global and regional economic waves. Together we form The Rebel Society.

The Rebel Society aspires to exhibit a free market in the decentralized blockchain space while  creating a safe respectful environment for co-creation and share value of the performance of RBL that is determined by the interaction of demand and supply in the free market of the Rebel Society.

Our movement is defined by a distinct culture based on the belief that we can each create opportunities and coexist to protect our freedoms and privacy. The Rebel Society mixes and balances our expertize to further our common goals. 

We think that progress is made by bringing individuals from all walks of life together who have the desire and power to effect positive change.


The Rebel Paradigm Shift changes Everything

The Rebel Society takes its opportunities and responsibilities seriously. Here comes the good news: The time has come to replace restricting models of society with empowering ones – the Rebel Paradigm Shift.

The Rise of Rebel

Rebel revolutionizes established markets and extends market reach to new spheres by reducing or eliminating entry barriers and transaction costs, allowing users to connect, negotiate, and complete their exchanges with previously unimaginable efficiency. A staggering array of benefits arise from the services: provided at lower, better, and more custom levels, greater competition and speedier innovation; new opportunities and greater convenience.

By accelerating market forces, Rebel heralds a globalized market in services and trade — like what has already occurred in the manufacturing sector through international trade.

The Rebel Movement becomes most apparent when users can themselves create markets that disrupt existing mechanisms beyond the traditional realm of goods and services. The faster, easier, safer, more private the transaction, the better, generally speaking.

However, greater success requires greater disruption to produce growth but not so much as to risk the disintegration of your core values , quality of life or our privacy. In doing so, we need a strategy that strikes the right balance between economic benefits of enhanced use of digital technology and individuals’ and organizations’ privacy data. Rebel’s approach is to reduce risks to increase trust without inhibiting the opportunities offered by the digital economy.

What Can We Do Now

Although the first wave of digital transformation is now over, our mission continues. While we are entering the second wave where blockchain is beginning to get traction, the Rebel Society is preparing for the next wave of secure decentralization. If you are behind this mission to encrypt, secure and decentralize everything on a global scale, you are already part of The Rebel Society. How you bring it about is up to you. We have identified 3 areas to focus on. We need to:

1. Become agents of change, not waiting for change.
You can:
Read and share The Rebel Coin Whitepaper with colleagues, friends and family.
 Join the Rebel Society & attend one of our meeting to create new markets.

2. Change the way we work to create and promote sustainable future.
You can:
Encourage your agency to join us. Participants aim to respond to briefs in a way that promotes more a sustainable ecosystem and can craft an objective to fit that vision.

3. Re-evaluating the status quo and protect the future
You can:
Learn about the ‘the Rebel Free Market’ framework. This is the missing measurement needed so that we can take full responsibility of our lives moving forward. The Rebel Free Market framework seeks to identify ways in which to maximize both our opportunities and potentials.

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Our movement is defined by a distinct culture based on the belief that we can each create opportunities and coexist to protect our freedoms and privacy. The Rebel Society mixes and balances our expertize to further our common goals. 

We think that progress is made by bringing individuals from all walks of life together who have the desire and power to effect positive change.


You can help contribute to The Rebel Society by taking a more active role


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REBEL encourages members to participate in shaping the future of our Society

REBEL exists to ensure that we can bring CHANGE to society by empowering individuals to set their own growth priorities. To be successful, however, it requires active and inclusive engagement from a diverse range of society members. The awakening is currently not as high as we, or those concerned with healthy debate and discussion within the ….