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Rebel is not a security token and offers an optional financial data protection fully compliant with the regulatory requirements.


REBEL is not a security, and it gives users the option to protect their financial data in a way that meets all regulatory requirements.

REBEL adheres to the FATF Travel Rule as well as AML/CFT regulations

REBEL complies with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws and regulations, as well as the FATF Travel Rule. REBEL provides optional financial data protection, which means users may select between Transparent addresses (which are identical to Bitcoin addresses) and Shield addresses. When a user sends coins to the Shield address, REBEL provides an Encrypted Memo functionality that allows the user to attach personally identifiable information to the Shield transaction. Unlike Bitcoin and other public blockchains, Shield transactions allow sending an encrypted message of up to 512 bytes, which can be filled with personally identifiable information such as the sender’s first and last name, Personal Identification (PID) Number, date of birth, residential address, and similar if required by Exchanges or any other party to fulfil regulatory requirements. Because of the Encrypted Memo functionality, REBEL can meet requirements more easily than public pseudo anonymous blockchains.

Read the full Regulatory and Compliance Brief here:

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Our movement is defined by a distinct culture based on the belief that we can each create opportunities and coexist to protect our freedoms and privacy. The Rebel Society mixes and balances our expertize to further our common goals. 

We think that progress is made by bringing individuals from all walks of life together who have the desire and power to effect positive change.


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REBEL encourages members to participate in shaping the future of our Society

REBEL exists to ensure that we can bring CHANGE to society by empowering individuals to set their own growth priorities. To be successful, however, it requires active and inclusive engagement from a diverse range of society members. The awakening is currently not as high as we, or those concerned with healthy debate and discussion within the ….

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