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REBEL (RBL) Coin Masternode Setup

This guide will assist you in setting up a REBEL (RBL) Coin Masternode on a Linux Server running Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04

Requirements #

  • 1000 REBEL (RBL) Coin.
  • A VPS running Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04 with 1 CPU & 1GB Memory minimum (2gb Recommended) from Vultr or any other providers.
  • REBEL (RBL) Coin Wallet (Local Wallet)
  • An SSH Client (Putty or Bitvise)

Connecting to the VPS and installing the masternode script

1. Log into the VPS with root

Masternodes Rebel Official
2. Git Installation: #

sudo apt-get install -y git-core

Masternodes Rebel Official
3. Clone MN setup script: #

git clone https://github.com/RebelStation/Rebel-MN.git

Masternodes Rebel Official
4. Start MN setup script: #

cd Rebel-MN && chmod +x ./RBL-MN.sh && ./RBL-MN.sh

Masternodes Rebel Official
5. Now ask for VPS Public IP Address
Masternodes Rebel Official
Now you need to wait some time, while script preparing the VPS to setup
6. Copy masternode private key from VPS console window and pres “Enter”:
Masternodes Rebel Official
  • if you see this, you are on the right track:
Masternodes Rebel Official
  • to check VPS daemon status, type: rebelcoin-cli getinfo 
Masternodes Rebel Official
Don’t close this window!

Setup QT wallet #

1. Create new receiving address and copy it

Masternodes Rebel Official

2. Send 1000 REBELCoin to copied address

Masternodes Rebel Official

3. Open console Get MN output and set masternode configuration file and save it

Masternodes Rebel Official

4. Wait at least 15 confirmations of transaction

Masternodes Rebel Official
5. Restart QT wallet #
  • it’s important
6. Start MN in QT wallet console: #

startmasternode alias false TEST-MN

Masternodes Rebel Official
7. Check Masternode Status in VPS: #
  • rebelcoin-cli startmasternode local false
  • rebelcoin-cli getmasternodestatus
Masternodes Rebel Official

Сongratulations you did it!

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